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The Health Industry Forum was established to bring together a diverse group of leaders from across the healthcare field to develop solutions for critical problems facing the healthcare system. Our members include many of the nation's leading health plans, health systems, pharmaceutical manufacturers, employers, and academic medical centers. Meet the Health Industry Forum Advisory Board.

Our mission is to develop practical, actionable, market-oriented strategies to improve the quality and value of the U.S. healthcare system. To support this mission, the Forum sponsors independent, objective  policy analysis and provides a range of neutral venues where healthcare leaders and other stakeholders work together to develop strategies and solutions.

Our research is focused on informing organizations about strategies to improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of the health care system. The Forum administers a research fund and occasionally sponsors research to support innovative health care policy and practice.

Forum meetings are small leadership conferences convened to focus on innovative strategies for improving the quality and effectiveness of health care.

If you are interested in joining the Health Industry Forum, please contact us.

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News and Events

Technology-Enabled Alternative Care Delivery Models: What’s Real and What’s Not

May 6, 2020

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The Trump Administration's Efforts to Reduce Drug Spending: How Will They Change the Landscape?

April 10, 2019

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Can New Industry Partnerships Reshape the US Healthcare System?

December 5, 2018

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See our paper on controlling health costs on the Health Affairs blog

July 13, 2018


Paying for the Next Generation of Innovative Therapies

June 13, 2018

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Healthcare Cost Control: What Is The Path Forward?

March 14, 2018

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Can Technology and Delivery Model Innovation Lead to Meaningful Reductions in Healthcare Spending?

October 18, 2017

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The Future of Medicare Advantage

March 31, 2017

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The 2016 Election: How Will It Affect the US Health Care Industry?

February 27, 2017

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Future Scenarios for US Physician Practice Under MACRA

October 20, 2016

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Outcome-Based Contracts for Pharmaceutical Products: Opportunities and Challenges

September 8, 2016

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Home-Based Healthcare in the 21st Century

March 17, 2016

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Healthcare Consolidation: Winners, Losers and Policy Implications

November 9, 2015

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The Future of Pharmaceutical Benefit Management

June 9, 2015

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Comprehensive Health Care Payment Reform: What Will it Take to Get There?

April 2, 2015

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Dr. Stuart Altman Appointed to Chair Massachusetts' New Health Policy Commission Board

November 1, 2012

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