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Products and Services

The Health Industry Forum has a number of products and services that it provides for its members. In addition, we continue to develop new ways to enhance the value of our relationship with our members.

Conferences. Small, senior-level, interactive meetings that focus on presenting evidence, highlighting innovative programs, clarifying the real issues in divisive policy debates, and developing consensus on options for moving forward. The Forum’s conferences immediately elicited strong enthusiasm from Forum members and invited participants.

Workgroups. The Health Industry Forum established several small multi-stakeholder workgroups to identify priorities, develop concepts for future Forum meetings, and prepare policy analyses supporting these areas.

Congressional Briefings. A roundtable format to provide health system leaders and federal officials information and a format for discussion and collaboration.

Conference reports and policy briefs. In an attempt to “extend the shelf life” of conversations initiated through the Forum, HIF developed a user-friendly conference report and policy brief series to support ongoing conversations between The Health Industry Forum members, their key constituents, and colleagues.

Senior Policy Roundtables. A small group of approximately 15 HIF members and staff will meet with senior government officials for an informal discussion of a specific policy issues. This format affords rich discussions that incorporate both business and policy considerations. These Roundtables are available only to organizations that are Charter Members of The Health Industry Forum.

On-site Policy Seminars. A series of on-site policy discussions that build directly on prior conferences, led by a senior policy analyst from The Health Industry Forum. This meeting on a member site, will allow for participation by a broader group of member company staff.

Meeting Co-Sponsorship.  An opportunity for additional industry feedback and participation. The co-sponsors will have co-branding opportunities on written materials, be able to post HIF conference reports on its website, and invite additional representatives from their organization.

Pre-Forum Networking Dinners with Speakers.  In conjunction with HIF conferences, these dinners afford an opportunity for members to meet the conference speakers and panelists informally, and discuss any policy issues one-on-one.