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September 16, 2009

Next Steps Toward a Robust Comparative Effectiveness Research Enterprise
Senior Policy Roundtable

The momentum behind efforts to expand the nation’s capacity to generate comparative effectiveness research (CER) has reached a critical stage. Most stakeholders concur that better evidence about quality and value will drive better clinical decision making and could potentially slow the rate of growth in health care spending. How evidence is developed, whether it is trusted, and how is used by patients, providers, and payers will ultimately determine the success of comparative effectiveness initiatives.

This Senior Policy Roundtable addressed how policymakers can invest in CER to achieve maximum value, including:

1) What research areas and infrastructure should we invest in first?

2) What is the right process and structure for coordination and oversight of research funding and disseminating results?

3) How can we ensure that results from CER are relevant, valuable and actionable for patients, physicians, and health care organizations?

Senior Policy Roundtables are exclusively for Charter members.