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July 24, 2012

Molecular Diagnostics and Companion Therapies: Partnerships, Payment and Evidence Development

Co-Sponsored by the National Pharmaceutical Council

The promise of molecular diagnostics centers on its ability to use the genetic markers of individual patients to tailor more effective treatment plans. This form of personalized medicine can focus therapy on those who are most likely to respond, enhancing effectiveness and reducing treatment costs over a population. But the pathway to development of personalized approaches based on molecular diagnostics is dependent on securing credible evidence of clinical utility, as well as managing the interplay between diagnostic information and decisions about follow-on treatment.

This meeting of the Health Industry Forum will review the expanding role of molecular diagnostics in our healthcare system as well as potential barriers to adoption. It will examine the business models for developing personalized treatments including the increasingly common collaborations between the drug and diagnostic industries. It will also discuss the evidence payers and consumes will require for adoption, and the role of independent clinical review authorities in setting standards for clinical utility.