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October 18, 2017

Can Technology and Delivery Model Innovation Lead to Meaningful Reductions in Healthcare Spending?

Many industries have been transformed by new technologies that let them deliver products and services more cheaply and effectively, but the US healthcare system has been resistant to innovations that would reduce the cost of care. Medicine is an information intensive field that requires effective communication among practitioners and patients creating potential for information technologies to improve care and reduce costs. This Forum will discuss why healthcare has been slow to change and where there are opportunities arising from the growing digitization of medical records, expanding computing power, new communication tools and ubiquitous smartphones. In particular, it will examine opportunities and challenges for virtual medical care, artificial intelligence to guide diagnosis and treatment and enhanced patient engagement and disease monitoring through mobile devices. The meeting will conclude with a discussion of how major information technology companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft may expand their footprint in healthcare and life sciences.


Speakers Include:

Stuart Altman, Ph.D, Professor of National Health Policy, Brandeis University
Joe Kimura, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Atrius Health
Tom Hale, MD, Ph.D., former Executive Medical Director, Mercy Virtual Care Center
Michael Zalis, MD, Founder and CM, QPID Health
Kevin Schulman, MD, Duke University Health System
Lindsay Lowder, Senior Director, Payer Engagement and Advocacy, Surgical Care Affiliates
Rebecca Crowe, National Director Business Applications, US Health & Life Sciences, Microsoft

Panelists Include:
Kevin Schulman, Duke University
Kavita Patel, The Brookings Institution