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The Health Industry Forum's research program supports the Forum’s efforts in identifying and evaluating innovative strategies for improving the quality and cost effectiveness of the U.S. healthcare system. Our research and analysis activities examine factors leading to both underuse of necessary evidence-based health services and overuse that results in excessive costs and potential harm to patients.

One of the Forum's activities is to facilitate new partnerships between academic researchers, government and health care organizations to evaluate programs designed to improve the value of services. These include new financial incentives, organizational models, and information strategies to support payers, providers, and patients.

Research Topics

Areas under consideration for future research include:

  • The economic and financial impact of disease management and the relative effectiveness of alternative tools and techniques used by disease management organizations.
  • New consumer information tools designed to support “consumer-driven” health care programs.
  • The future market for comparative information about the relative efficacy and cost effectiveness of medical care (pharmaceuticals, surgical procedures, medical treatments) and the role of public and private organizations in developing and distributing this information.
  • Defining and measuring waste and inefficiency in health care and developing strategies to address it.
  • Targeted benefit design and consumer incentives to encourage use of evidence-based services for chronically ill patients.
  • "Pay-for-performance" reimbursement strategies and measurement systems needed to support these programs effectively.
  • The role of technology-supported home care to address the future health care needs of retiring baby boomers.