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May 6, 2020

Technology-Enabled Alternative Care Delivery Models: What’s Real and What’s Not?

The Forum will explore the potential for developing scalable new delivery models that could substantially improve outcomes and consumer experience at a considerably lower price point than traditional fee-for-service medicine. It includes four panels that will discuss: 1) reimagining primary care; 2) consumer-focused technology-enabled specialty care solutions; 3) new acute care models focused on hospital avoidance/substitution; and 4) scalable approaches to addressing social determinants of health. These solutions are being developed both outside of and within traditional care delivery models. A key issue is whether payers will support these solutions through more robust alternative payment models and whether the models themselves can be effectively scaled beyond niche offerings.


Confirmed speakers include:

Stuart Altman, Professor of National Health Policy, Brandeis University

Farzad Mostashari, CEO, Aledade

Melanie Bella, SVP, CityBlock Health

Joe Kimura MD, CMO, Atrius Health

Len Nichols, Professor, George Mason University